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Thread: Backing into a chicken stock (broth)?

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    I had good success once where I lightly browned the chicken breast with mira poix first then added cold water, and what few herbs I could find. I simmered for an hour or so and strained like Eamon said. It was better than the alternative.

    But it is rare that gets done on days because we are always slammed. I can't count on the afternoon shift doing it my way but could at least get them to save merge cloudy chicken water.

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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    I save all my miripoux trimmings and skins in keep them in the freezer until needed. Then pressure cook the chicken carcasses for a hour then add the mix veggie. Eamon is correct, you can add just about any type of veggie, but I stay away from cabbage, asparagus and broccoli.

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    Stock is made from bones, broth is made from proteins or meat definetly differs in taste.

    But yes you can do that with great results itd be a good broth to use for just about anything.

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    the place i work at presently steams chicken breast for chicken salad and yes we keep the juices for cooking but a way better idea if possible is to use day old roasted/rotisserie chicken and just pull the meat. or day old fried chicken. finding tasty 2nd uses is the way to go!

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