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Thread: Rodrigue McLean Lamson Production knife

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    Rodrigue McLean Lamson Production knife

    Hi everybody.

    First Tom and I would like to say thank you for everyone who has had input on this project, from a simple "I'm in" all the way up to the testers who graciously took their time to comment and make this a better knife.

    Tom asked me if I could write this thread... He seems to be busy being a new daddy, and posing for pictures! So I will summarize as best I can, and tidy things up, so we can move into the next stage.

    The test knife has been lost... It never returned from the final tester, but there is a last hope, and steps are being taken, and hopefully get it back home for its final evaluation by me. To see how it has held up, patina'ed etc... That is the most disapointing part of the process to date. That and the time involved to test.

    SO the knife...

    Here are the specs on my rendition...

    55 ish mm high at the heel

    250mm cutting edge

    3 mm spine at the bolster

    1.75mm mid spine

    .8mm 1 inch from the tip, give or take of course...

    Tom and I are discussing different handle materials.

    Here it is with some use so you can see the patina.

    So I will be raising the heel a little from the original profile, lowering the tip a tad. The edge profile will stay very close to the test piece.

    Our concerns. Handle materials. Is it a deal breaker, if there is a little movement in the wood. Cocobolo is fairly stable, but it isn't stabilized, it can move a tad. Another option could be Pakawood (Dymondwood) Or a new synthetic, paperstone. There is a little time to decide.

    What we need to do is, figure out again, who is in and if for more than one knife. We need a piece count to present to Lamson so we can secure pricing. Before we commit, we will be looking for a deposit from each of you who are in.

    What I want from each of you who are in, is a simple sentence, stating number, and preference for handle.
    For Example: "I'm in for one, as is." Or "I'm in for two, but I would prefer Pakawood" Also if the handle ends up being something other than your choice will you be ok with it? So "I'm in for one, handle doesn't matter"

    We know you are all getting tired of this, but some things we couldn't let go, and want to get right. This WILL NOT BE A REDESIGN! Just a few tweaks.
    Thanks again for your time.


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    In for 2 , whatever handle.

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    Pierre, as I recall, the target price was to be $200. I know that the final price will depend on how many are in the production run, but is there a window that you can give us so people can make a decision?

    Regardless, "I'm in for one, handle doesn't matter".

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    In for one. I'd prefer cocobolo, but I'm fine with whatever material is decided upon
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    Rick, $200 is still the target. Could be $225 but not likely.

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    I'm in for one. Preference for "wood" wood. Final choice not a deal breaker.
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    For someone who joined the party late what the steel?

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    Hi Pierre,

    I would be in if it would ship before Christmas. Can you let me know if this could be done?



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    In for one, any material. Thanks for making this happen!

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    The steel is a special smelt O1 we will be using, and chemically speaking, it will sit squarely between white 1, and blue 2. It is a very clean smelt, and will produce an excellent carbon steel knife.

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