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Thread: Gesshin Ittetsu 27cm

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    Finally got a time for a little update.

    Ive finally managed to get the knife to the thinness I am happpy with. Polished up a little also, but thinnning scratches are there and I want them, it is a kitchen knife, and its nice with some additional character to it.

    Check those out:

    Now it is a beast. It still lacks a little cutting-pleasure-providing-ability, but well, its damn functional. I really like it, it has that something that makes it very pleasurable to have
    But instead of writing about how it cut and other bollocks, you could try it yourself.

    I think I have to take it through its paces, but that means that Kato would have to go on the shelf..... O well

    So instead, I think it is good moment for passaround. I will open new thread for that one.

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    If the passaround makes it to this side of the ocean, I'd love to be included.

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    Can you write it down in the PA thread thanks

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