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Thread: Thor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eaglewood View Post
    You need to check this out. I have an invite to meet with Stan Lee in Nov out in LA. He is going to sign my personal Thor Mjolnor as well as another one that I am donating to his foundation.
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    I have had the pleasure of checking this hammer out! Its a brute! and pics cant begin to show what its massive size! I think this thing is about 30 lbs.. and when you pick it up by the handle it feels more like 75 lbs!! lol The machining is just amazing and very well done! and the handle work he did on this gives it a old rustic look with the leather washer and aluminum combination!! Im not a HUGE comic book fan and really couldn't even tell ye the difference between Spike Lee and Stan Lee!! LMAO!! Yet I couldnt help but think this hammer was way cool!!!

    Its pretty awesome that you are donating one to the Stan Lee foundation and get to meet him!

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    Speaking of Thor's Hammer, I made this one for a returning Iraq vet:

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