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Thread: The 'kanji' on our knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by osakajoe View Post
    A bit tough but I think this I the closest I can get.

    Masamune 24th generation

    ___hiro saku
    (note 広 is the way they right hiro today. The kanji on the knife is the old version)
    Saku means made by or maker

    Had to ask my colleague on this one and even with her knowledge if working at the knife museum she couldn't tell me that one kanji.

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    is anyone able to determine this one? from a non-descript ebay purchase. maybe a Tojiro? looks similar to some postings i have seen that were Tojiro

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    I posted in your other thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by osakajoe View Post
    The reason why you recognize the last kanji, saku - 作, is because it just means production or manufactured. Most knife brands put that at the end of their names. Kind of like saying osaka joe manufacturing.

    Anyways to get on to the other kanji. It can be read one of two ways.
    長俊作 Nagatoshi-saku or Choshun-saku.
    More likely Nagatoshi as the other one is worded strangely.

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    Hi all,
    Posted this in another thread.
    Maybe someone can help me here.


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