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Thread: The 'kanji' on our knives

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    I could use a little help in this respect too in this regard. I have been looking at this yanagi and deba and the seller claims they are kikuichi but neither have the seal so i would love to know if anyone can identify who they are really made by. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    yanagi is Shigefusa. don't understand third kanji on deba; however, I'm 100% sure isn't kikuichi
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    This thread reminds me, I have not heard from Cutty in awhile, I miss giving him a hard time about his ho.....handles

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    much appreciated! the battle is half won! I knew they weren't kikuishi because they didn't have the seal but the question is are they still worth what they are asking!


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    For some reason that made me imagine Cutty doing a spoof of this 80's classic:

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    Thanks for the write up, I thought this was very interesting, I knew nothing about kanji before reading this. Now I know just enough to be dangerous.

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    So the Shig and the deba are both from Kiya and thats what the kanji on both the fronts of the blades say. And the Kanji below the registration mark on the deba is "gold" Then "Wood".

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    Thanks so much for this post! It has been very helpful to me. I have an inherited yo - gyoto that was used by my late stepmother for as long as I remember that has been called a very special knife by all that have used it. With the help of your research I have identified "Japan", "Registered/Authorized", and "Sweden". A yanagi with saya has the same Japan, registered/authorized, but also "blue" with no obvious number character after it. They have more characters that that, of course, but this is a start.

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    I have nothing to add but thank you for this. It is very informative. Maybe I won't have to skype my cousins Japanese wife every other day if I learn a little more.
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    Very nice explanation!

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