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Thread: The 'kanji' on our knives

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    I have three knives bought from different resellers at different times that all have the same box.
    So i started trying to translate the Kanji and this is what i got so far. Anyone wants to help with the other characters?

    特製 高級 御料理庖丁
    高級 打刃物 (smaller red characters on the side)

    「御料理」 (o ryou ri)
    Though the first kanji 「御」 has its own meaning but it's just a honorific prefix here.
    The word 「料理」 (ryo-ri) means "cooking" and hocho is basically "kitchen knife" so it's sort of redundant here and most likely it's just here for traditional writing, though there are a few hocho's which aren't for cooking (like tatami-bocho, kawa (leather) bocho, etc.)

    「高級」 (kou kyuu)
    Roughly translate as "high" "grade/class". It's simple.

    「打刃物」 (uchi ha mono)
    Most likely it's "forged blade" (instead of "stock and removal" method perhaps?) It is not a very common vocabulary though.

    There is not really much useful information you can find on the box, if I say.
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    Wow, what a great thread. Thanks all!

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