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Thread: The 'kanji' on our knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by denfetafrukten View Post
    I have three knives bought from different resellers at different times that all have the same box.
    So i started trying to translate the Kanji and this is what i got so far. Anyone wants to help with the other characters?

    特製 高級 御料理庖丁
    高級 打刃物 (smaller red characters on the side)

    「御料理」 (o ryou ri)
    Though the first kanji 「御」 has its own meaning but it's just a honorific prefix here.
    The word 「料理」 (ryo-ri) means "cooking" and hocho is basically "kitchen knife" so it's sort of redundant here and most likely it's just here for traditional writing, though there are a few hocho's which aren't for cooking (like tatami-bocho, kawa (leather) bocho, etc.)

    「高級」 (kou kyuu)
    Roughly translate as "high" "grade/class". It's simple.

    「打刃物」 (uchi ha mono)
    Most likely it's "forged blade" (instead of "stock and removal" method perhaps?) It is not a very common vocabulary though.

    There is not really much useful information you can find on the box, if I say.

    "many people need more knowledge and less judgement"

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    Wow, what a great thread. Thanks all!

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    All I know is I like it carved in with small chisels. Knocked off a handle found carved Kanji on the tang. Have put on a new handle. Asked the lady next door who is Japanese national what it was, she could not help me. She has been able to help me with other translations.

    Thanks for this informative thread

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    So, this is probably where i should have started maybe...

    Anyway, i picked up this knife because i couldn't bear to see it languish in a goodwill. it was in a lot of knives and this was the one that spoke to me, unfortunately it spoke in Japanese, and I don't understand what it said.

    any help in identifying it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the info

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    I would love a lesson from the cognoscenti.. on why some makers chisel, some etch..someengrave and some makers just paint it on? I realize the expense must be different for each method... but do some steels "accept certain methods" better? I love Hattori's VG-10 forum knives, but find the logo and markings "cheap".. seemingly, for a fairly expensive knife.

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    Interesting post. I have been learning Japanese and can read Hiragana and Katakana. But there are just so many Kanji to learn! Would be nice to know what was actually written on my knife though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by karif View Post
    Any help with this yanagi? Can get some .better shots if need be. Thanks for the help.
    Made a quick sketch of this kanji, it's hard to get clear pics since its hand chiseled and been thinned a few times

    Sorry for my disrespectful attempt at writing kanji.

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    the picture is a bit easier than the drawing, but it looks like Kiya Sadakuni...not 100% sure, but kiya is written very poorly, and sadakuni is engraved over a stamp (like the 上 from 上作)... also, its not a common name, so it might have been a persons name (maybe a foreign visitor or something)... the engraving seems to have been poorly done though

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    I struggle with the first in the pic, because I am not very familiar with many shops. Right now my first reading, as I posted in PM, is X屋真(or mayybe 貞 as Jon suggests) (上)國. Spacing and impression suggests the 上 was a stamped afterthought.

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