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Thread: vegas vs chicago

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    vegas vs chicago

    wondering if you were coming out of school with experience and had the choice to move to either cit which would it be and why? this is my decision i have to make now. i am wanting to leave charlotte and go to either one of these cities.

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    Never been to Vegas, Chicago is fantastic if you're ok with cold winters. Great established restaurants and many upcoming ones. Chicago is becoming (if not already) one of THE destination food cities.

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    yeah, vegas has the union so pay will be superior and im sure cost of living is lower but there is something about chicago that peaks my interest. also with my fiancee and me having family and friends there that helps. working in charleston was amazingly fun and rewarding, i want that feeling again.

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    I loved living downtown Chicago and walking everywhere or taking the train. You will want for nothing in Chicago. As mentioned there is the cold, but I love cold and snow. Besides you'd be close to the promised land - Wisconsin!

    I've only been to Vegas as a tourist. I'd be willing to give it a go for sure if I was in your shoes, but I think there are way too many distractions to lead into temptation in Vegas.


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    distractions wont bother me, i am pretty focused as a person. i will say i would have to live in edgewater or lakeview so i wouldnt be right downtown but in a northern part of the city but still vibrant right near the lake, close to wrig., and so on. The cost of not needing to own a car will help offset costs, it is just a hard decision for me.

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    Chicago is beautiful, and a food-lover's paradise.

    Take a look around at:

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    I met Chris Jones from Moto and got to work with him for a day and he just left me with this impression that Chicago is just where you want to be, and it is. The financial part of it is my big thing, and the financial part of vegas is great with the union but I just dont know if i want to live in vegas.

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    Chi-Town. Something about Vegas turns me off. I really have no desire to even visit.
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    wow chicago overwhelmingly

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    ohh and knerd sorry i havent got back to you its been crazy for me the last couple of weeks.

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