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Thread: Good steel and BBQ- more fustration

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    I wonder if the Egg could be used to heat treat a blade.............................
    it would need to hit 1450-1525 and hold if VERY reliably for the better part of 30 minutes (10 deg +/- makes a huge difference)
    solid fuel heat sources have a very difficult time getting above 1200 without a forced air source.

    it could be done but it wouldn't necessarily be simple.

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    I have a burn out oven that I will be using, I think!
    Spike C
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    Blades and Brisket my new restaurant.
    would you like a side order of 01 steel and fries

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnConundrum View Post
    Suffice it to say, I have all the necessary equipment . I was trexing some steaks.
    I had to laugh at this one. Warren, you have ALL the equipment, necessary or not I would love to have an egg, but I just don't have a good - or legal - place to set one up around my apartment. But still, greaat info and pictures in this thread.


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    Stefan, can't you just find a semi-active volcano ?

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    I wanted to ask Warren about this, but didn't want to sound like a nerd-do you use a guru or stoker w/ your egg? Anyone else (Monty, I bet you use one) want to chime in on this? I have had the pleasure of enjoying Warren's food at one of Dave's classes (& envying all his pro equipment), I am just a bbq beginner, don't even have a thermapen yet, but I love hearing about all the gadgets & tools...

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    Yes, I have a few Gurus and a Stoker. They have their individual strengths. I was trying to convince Fred (BBQ Guru) to add better networking to the Gurus, but I don't think that's going to happen. When I use the stoker, I can monitor the temp from a motel room and even have an alarm go off.

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