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Thread: Beater Preferences

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    Tough custom from Michael Kaiser made of 154CM. Used for the tough jobs and never seems to chip.

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    My work knife is either a 240 Richmond Laser in AEB-L or a 8" Sab with the 3 piece blade/bolster/tang. If I'm going to be going through bones I have a 9" Mercer Genesis from culinary school and could die in a fire for all I cared. I used it hard for seven years and the rubber handle is worn smooth, the bolster has been ground down so I can still use the whole knife (which was not a fun or easy job to clean up... such a worthless overly thick bolster,) and the edge wears down way too quick. Screw that knife.

    I have a Tojiro ITK 240 and the white steel in ok and I can handle a carbon knife on the line (see the Sab) but unless I'm chopping parsley I reach for the Laser. It would sit at home in a drawer but I don't trust my roommate with carbon knives.

    I don't see myself ever spending too much on a knife. I thought I was crazy buying the laser... It does great at work and the Sab I stole off ebay. The Mercer I hate and spent $30k on.

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