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Thread: Beater Preferences

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    Beater Preferences

    Noticed an interesting thread in the B/S/T forum. You can feel free to read it, but the OP was asking for beater recommendations/sales and didn't receive the answers I expected him to receive. Thats probably because his was directed at learning to sharpen/spend more time on the stones but the question is still interesting in terms of having a beater for work. He was immediately told that VG10 is a PITA option and that white was a good route to go. Someone suggested white is a good route to go only if you don't mind getting spoiled with how easy it is to sharpen carbons. Recommendations continued.

    So I figured this would be a good time for a little informal polling. What do you guys like to have most in a beater knife? Do you just go cheap and german or do you get a knife you actually like but didn't pay too much for? White steel? Just use a laser for everything? Is your beater your line knife? What do you like?

    I've been using a 210 Tojiro VG10 and I kind of don't like using it all that much but I rationalize it by saying that its the purpose of a beater.

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    Good thread idea, even for those of us who aren't "on the job"!

    Without actually owning one (yet), I'll say "Sakai Yusuke shironiko suji," maybe 240 to 270.

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    I hope this is the type of answer you are looking for. I have several categories of knives in my household. Some, which include Globals and Lamsons (Lamson and Goodnow), are knives that I simply dislike and don't use, so they get pulled out from time to time when you're gong to abuse a knife.

    Others - and I think this is the type of knife you are asking about - are knives that I use, but I don't mind being rough on, and don't mind being a little crude with the sharpening. These are my old stainless Sabatiers. The profile is nice to cut with - much better than German - but the knives are kind of indestrucible. So you have a knife you can live with cutting, but one that is cheapish and resiliant, so you never baby it.

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    I go for tough (chip-resistant) and stainless, e.g. Yoshihiro/Gesshin Uraku.

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    My beaters are still the two wusthoffs left in my bag. An 8 in chef and 6 in utility both with the old grand prix handles which are still one of my favorites handle wise.

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    And my Yoshihiro/GU is my prized knife... comes down to disposable cash I guess. My beater is an old Wusthof Classic. It's my ersatz chef de chef at least. Barely comes out pf a cupboard, though. Similar but totally different, a CCK small cleaver.

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    Globals or Victorinox

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    Carbon Sab's and stainless Henckels, both are pretty indestructible, though I prefer the Sab's.

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    Carbon Sabs here too. Use it for everything from cracking mud crabs to working the line.


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