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Thread: Beater Preferences

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    Henkels for beaters. Or Wusthoffs

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    My Globals.
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    Globals, Shun, calphalon and Wustoffs that I got on sale...

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    When I hear "beater" i think of something to split lobsters with, or hack up duck bones. For me, that's an old Suisin 240 carbon yo-deba. It must weigh 16 pounds and has actually split a poly cutting board once in its past. If I'm lOaning a knife to someone, it's either an old henkel or mercer that I don't really mind getting broken or lost.

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    A stainless Henckel or two. You can leave it wet/dirty, don't mind others using it and is still up to the task of decent cutting most of the time. I use mine every day. I'm only partial to the Henckels with the blade guard thingy 'cause you can pop open cans and metal olive oil containers with 'em.
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    sabs and forgecraft
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    vintage carbon dexters. you can get dirt cheap off ebay.

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    my globals. They for some reason take a great beating, stay sharp for a decent amount of time. I just hate sharpening them.
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    DT ITK 270mm AEB-L gyuto or Gengetsu 210mm semi stainless gyuto.

    I have also been using my 180 mioroshi deba (unknown maker, eBay special) as a line knife lately. My station has to slice pork tenderloin and debone chix breast, works well for both, can take a beating and has knuckle clearance for any other odd jobs I'd needed (yeah Jon, I know it's not supposed to be used like a gyuto, but my 210mm yanagi was sustaining too much damage when used as a line knife).

    Last time I had to split lobsters was at my aunts house. At work we get 1.25# softshells, so you can just use your hands, but she had seven 3#ers. Only knives I brought were a Tsourkan gyuto and my Rader scimy, so I used the Rader to split them. Worked well and no damage to the blade.
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