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Thread: An unexpected gift- ID help please

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    An unexpected gift- ID help please

    Helped out a neighbor with his internet access and he gifted this to me on the way out-

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    Very generous neighbor.
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    very nice. That ferrule is awesome!

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    On the blade, it says it was made by 忠雄 (I believe it's pronounced as "Tadao). I couldn't find the maker of this company or craftsman, but I saw couple of knives with the same engraving, and all of them were SK steels (the carbon ones).

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    Thank you Sara, I appreciate the effort.

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    How cool is that??
    Now, not that it's as helpful, but if you need French or Portuguese kanji translated, I'm your guy

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    Yup, it's Tadao for sure. I have one of their deba. Not certain about the steel but sharpens up right nice.
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    Ahh, the others beat me to the answer! Anyway, I still like to figure these out and I've got the same:

    登録 (the first smaller pair) = registered
    忠雄 = Tadao/Tadawo
    作 = made

    Therefore, it's a registered knife made by Tadao/Tadawo. ... Oh, and I agree. Nice marble ferrule on that hand which, with the plainer ho wood, makes for one attractive knife. Nice one - replace (burl up) the handle!

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    Thanks for all the help, is it unusual to have what seems to be a fairly high end knife, be made by this seemingly unknown maker?

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