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Thread: Pass-Around Knife 240mm or 260mm?

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    The preference is 68% to 32% for a longer knife. I will wait for a couple of days before making the decision though.

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    260. Home user

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    Suppose I'm too new to this forum to get in on a pass around, but my vote would be a 240. And for what it's worth, chef/owner.

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    hmmm hesitantly a 240, pro user here, would love to try out one of your knives, but I'm north of the border, passarounds seem inconvenient with customs and all, maybe the last in line if possible?

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    I think someone like Pesky should be last before it goes back to Marko...and then I can get it at a heavy discount !!!!!!
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    I'm surprised by how many 260 votes there are. I'll say 240mm because that's what I have the most knowledge with and can best compare your knife to.

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    Way too late for this already, obviously. Plus I'm from the heavily-populated home ranks, so ...

    Well, I would have gone for the 260.

    By the way, I would have considered selling my lunch tomorrow just to be considered 'pro' for the purposes of this passaround. But there are probably enough pros already too. Maybe the new owner can do a passaround in a few months?

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    I won't be involved in this but I would go 260. If I had used a 260 or 270 when I first got into this I'd have bought them all that size so at least if it's a passaround it gives people a chance to try something a little different without spending their cash first

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    I'd so want to sign up, also in the pro-team.
    240 because i'm used to it
    260 because i want to feel if that's a good size for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    I think someone like Pesky should be last before it goes back to Marko...and then I can get it at a heavy discount !!!!!!
    Hell if Pesky gets a hold of it he will be lucky if he can sell it at all!

    Speaking of which, where you been Pesky? It's been so quiet a round here.
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