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Thread: Hiring servers. philosophy by Chef Niloc

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    Let's please keep the personal attacks to ourselves. We can have good discussion without getting personal.


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    Man that was the best reading I've had in days. Feels like a Gordon Ramsay book boiled down to a paragraph. Thanks, Colin!

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    I know that when I chaired a bunch of fundraisers for several non-profits I helped I always had raffle's for things like mink coats etc. To sell the tickets I always hired the local Budweiser girls who would come sans their official Budweiser outfit. I told them to wear something sexy but also something their grandmother would approve of... (these were family events).

    In any case I'd give each of the girls a roll of tickets and tell them if they sold ALL the tickets they would get a $150 bonus on top of the $100 "salary" I paid them for a 3 hour event. They sold their tickets no problem....

    In a restaurant there are places that need "professional" waiters and those that can get by without them. A true pro will make you AND himself lots of money because they know their customers and how to sell. How to turn a table that's not going to make any money etc... Yeah, you can hire bimbos. But you can't turn them into pros... The professional wait staff will seek out the better restaurants and vice versa.

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    Few things
    1st I'm staffing a new place that will be seasonal. No way to get a pro staff, that's why I hire based on looks, looks don't lie and they sure help sell.
    2nd I'm not sexist I hire the Ken Dolls too
    3rd I wish I could post a resume I got today. Just a name, phone number , measurements and photo... Don't even know what job she was looking for? But I hired her.

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    All politics aside, "3rd" is pretty funny.

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    Useless without pics!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    It's funny how many resumes I get with photos. It's a new thing.

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    Number three with the measurements is classic.

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Looks sell, sorry not attractive waiters.

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    Well, first of all..who says that attractive people are too stupid to become good servers? At many places I've worked we've had both model types and 'others'. Both types have their share of stupid & lazy as well as intelligent & motivated. In NYC especially, there are few young pro servers; most waitrons are just making a few bucks while waiting for their big break in the entertainment industry.

    I ain't gonna knock Colin for his hiring practices, I'd probably do the same thing under the circumstances. He's all fairness, it wouldn't be right to hire pro wait staff if they're going to have their hours cut (or worse) in the off season.

    Oh, and your right about the Island, Colin. I've worked with some bonnakers in the past. Weird bunch.
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