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Thread: Feul for the iwatani torch

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    Feul for the iwatani torch

    I was wondering if this needs the branded gas they sell online or if I can get by with what I have access to at the local big box? If so I'll just buy something locally, I just know some of you guys love the iwatani.


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    Any butane can will do really. I think I saw them at

    Iwatani IIC BU-6 - Butane Fuel Can, 7-4/5oz
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    I've used both the Iwatani branded and a generic brand butane can. Although the Iwatani can seems to provide a more consistent, stable flame (the flame can pulse occasionally when the torch is pointed at extreme angles, e.g. vertically down or steeper), the generic butane can worked fine. I believe the model is BU-6; the most important thing is that the ring where the torch connects to has a notch cut out of the ring for the torch to snap into.

    Most asian markets should have these butane cans; they're used for portable/tabletop butane burners that are sold at most asian markets.
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