I agree with Dave on this one. As I said, wire edge removal is the first really difficult hurdle to overcome as a sharpener. In addition to what Dave said, I feel that sometimes it's useful once you've gone through your stone progression to drop back down a stone or two and lightly strop the knife a couple of times then work back up the stones again, stropping. In principle if you've done a good job making the wire smaller as you've gone up through the stones, then lightly stropping with the lower grit stones should sort of shred what's left of the wire edge and make it more "burr-like". Once you go back up through the progression quickly with a few stropping strokes and deburring you should have a pretty good edge and very little wire left. Dave might disagree with me on this, but I think it's something everyone should experiment with at least a few times to see how it affects your final edge sharpness and, in particular, your final edge's longevity.