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Thread: Zubengforge Tamahagene

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    Maxim, who made this knife?
    The knife is really nice, after your polish.
    I agree that the geometry of the knife is rather weak.
    Somehow I expected more from Tamahagene thought that when knife look at the an apple or an onion themselves will fall apart.

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    Update !

    Ok ! Now i worked on that knife and grind out the heel and thinned it a lot !!

    Now it cuts like a dream (video will follow later)

    Here is pictures of "New" Tamahagene

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    That looks like an awesome knife! I'm in for the pass-around
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    That is a great looking knife! I saw the vid for this on youtube and noticed in the end you were frustrated w/ it's cutting and switched to another knife. Curious to see how this one cuts now after all of the work you've done on it.

    In your first post one of the pics shows the choil angling back towards the handle, but in these most recent pics the choil is suare to the spine - I assume that is some of your handy work?

    I'm confused about tamahagane - is it a type of steel, or the name of a maker, or both? Cheers! mpp

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    Zubengforge= is name of a maker, Tamahagene = is home made steel, heat treated like Honyaki

    Yes i ground the choil of its just was to weird for me.

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    ya that looks nice... i like that you changed the choil.

    you sir do nice work.

    bob posted some pictures of steel being made at zubeng on a few different forums... its impressive to say the least and they do it in sandals.
    making the steel

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