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Thread: Annual Japan Trip (Sept 19th- Oct 20)

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    Annual Japan Trip (Sept 19th- Oct 20)

    Its coming close to that time again for us. Every year, we close down for a bit so we can go back to Japan and i can train with the craftsmen in sharpening and blacksmithing. We also meet with most of the knife makers we work with and a few new ones too. This year, we will be going from September 19th to October 20th. As usual, we will not be shipping during this time. However, that does not mean you can not place orders. All orders will be shipped upon our return (as fast as we can get them out). Also, during this time, we will be checking e-mail (and responding when possible) and will also be on skype when we can.

    Anyways, if you're waiting to place an order right now, our last day of shipments will be september 18th.

    Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. These trips are important to us to be able to train, but also so we can work on bringing you cool new things (and new educational materials). Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    -Jon (and Sara)

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    Best wishes on this year's trip success...sounds wonderful, travel safe.

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    If you're in Tokyo on Friday the 21st or Saturday the 22nd maybe we can meet up for shōchū... I'm taking my sister to Tsukiji for the auction and sushi breakfast on the 21st, then the Giants game in the evening. Saturday afternoon we will be at Ryogoku Kogukikan for the bashō. We're leaving on the 19th, out of Detroit, arriving Haneda late on the 20th; are you going LAX to Haneda?
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    sadly, we have meetings lilterally every day of the trip (usually more than 1 per day)... zero free time this trip. Sorry. We will be in tokyo for some of the same time, but we have plans from the morning to late evenings every day

    We go LAX to narita usually.

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    If you need someone to fondle the knives, I mean.... Watch the store. I am more then glad to do it. What about the garden?? Free tomatoes??


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    Is there a bottle of Hibiki from the duty-free shop in the near future?

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    Any chance on restocks of the Gesshin 400, 2k or Suien VC cleaver before you leave?
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    i think the stones are going to get here while i am gone... however, there is absolutley no chance of me running out of them once they get here

    The cleavers may get here sooner. I think they're on the way as we speak.

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