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Thread: WIP (or RIP... repair in progress)

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    WIP (or RIP... repair in progress)

    I got in a knife this morning that will be a kind of interesting and fun repair, so i thought i'd post some pictures for you guys to see as i go through the process. Anyways, i'm going to get started on it later today, but here is the knife in the condition it arrived in...

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    Could be one of mine... Good luck with the repair.


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    Ahhh... The rare ellipse knife for cutting semicircles!

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    Nice Jon!

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    Interesting and thanks for posting.

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    Nice. Did this guy need the WHEEL?

    And is slightly dished monzento the secret key to nice kasumi hamaguri edge?

    Awesome, Jon.

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    no wheel here... just normal stones. The monzento makes my life a lot easier... i'm getting more in stock again soon.

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