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Thread: WIP (or RIP... repair in progress)

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    Ok so something I've always wondered. I always see pictures of japanese craftsmen smacking the back of the handle when they're burning the tang in and installing the handle. But why are they holding the knife on the handle and not the blade? Just seems silly to hold on to the piece you're smacking. I know that's how they do it and it's obviously worked for quite a long while. But do you know why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    newtons 3rd law
    I don't think my physics teacher would give you full credit for that answer, Jon.

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    Yeah I figured action/reaction and all that. The inertia of the blade itself will be kind of a limiting factor, I'd think. Is the idea to tap it in lightly?

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    I once used an axe with a loose handle for light splitting duty in the winter, I always looked forward to whacking the back of the handle with the sledge and watching that iron suck backup onto the wood. I had to drive a wedge in there eventually for safety sake, but it sure ruined my fun.

    Good looking work Jon. It's fun to see the straightener in play.
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    its funny you posted that Jon i bought a takobiki few month back in about same condition.

    I managed to straighten it but it is still a mess. I had to regrind the back with my household methods so its far far away from completing.

    Thanks for that

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    so, this knife is done at this point... just have to take some pics and send them to the owner... i'll post a few when i have a chance later today

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