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Thread: Book Matched Scales - Dyed & Stabilized by K&G

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    Book Matched Scales - Dyed & Stabilized by K&G

    A short while back I had decided to discontinue listing pre-cut scales in our web store.
    I was thinking that since I could cut any block into scales at no extra charge, that would be good enough.
    But I was wrong. Several of the regulars requested I go back to offering pre-cut scales as well as the blocks.

    So......these are some of the new sets of scales in the web store.
    These were professionally dyed and stabilized by K&G. The ones in this batch are dyed Oregon Maple Burl.
    These are all just over 3/8" thick and considerably larger than normal.

    Click on the photo to go to their location in the store.

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    So cool looking.... Must resist.....
    Chewie's the man.

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    The top right is good enough to stare at under a black light for a few hours.

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