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Thread: New Knives and Stones

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    New Knives and Stones

    I added some of the new knives and stones today and also a bit kitchen stuff

    First is from Yoshikane

    Zensho/Yoshikane SLD Kurouchi Damascus Gyuto 210 mm

    Name:  434-2.jpg
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    I also got couple of single beveled from him only 1 etch in V2 Steel

    Zensho/Yoshikane V2 Yanagiba 270mm

    Name:  435-2.jpg
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    Zensho/Yoshikane V2 Yanagiba 300mm

    Name:  436-2.jpg
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    This one is very special Singatirin Honyaki Gyutos
    Very Very reasonable priced Honyakis with Japanese Carbon steel
    With Hamon but in Sanjo they make Hamon not wavy they are more straight make think it is the best way to heath tread Honyakis

    Info about them will be up on web tomorrow

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    I also added Diawood Kitchen Scissors

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    And of coars some new stones

    Binsui and Red Aotos are in stock again !!!

    Also i got some very nice Blue Aotos but selected by me without any toxic inclusions and extra smooth

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    Huge Hideryama Suita

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    And Special Hakka Lv 3 that is kind of unique because of its hardness probably hardest Hakka i have tried very very smooth LV 3 still pretty soft compared to other mines

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    Thats it for now will add more stuff tomorrow

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    Dam that 270 gyuto is sweet. So many knives so little money.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Does the blade on that Mandolin come off for sharpening?

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    With very little wooden skills you can take the blade out and sharpen it.

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    I just took one of for a test It comes quite sharp as it is

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    I like how the Singatirin has a few more mm of profile height at the heel. That's a bit of a draw for me

    Just don't modify the Yoshiaki Fujiwaras. The "regular" 50mm height at the heel helps reduce the temptation for me

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    Hmm your observation made me go in and re measure them they are actually quite same in height
    But But Hamon on yours is freaking cool

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