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Thread: Favorite Cities

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    Favorite Cities

    I know some of you live in or visited some great cities.

    I'll start with Kyoto,I stayed 10 days there,before going up to Hokkaido for an Ice Festival in 1989.It was winter and snowing even in Kyoto.I stayed in a tiny room in small inn.The small table & Futon both folded only room for one at a time.I would read about a place at night in a book called Introducing Kyoto & go there the next day.

    It was between Festivals ,I felt like the only tourist in town.Was at Ryoan-ji by myself,it was snowing.Every day was like that unforgetable experience.

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    Somewhat in order:

    Quebec City
    San Antonio
    New Orleans


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    I agree with Muenchen. Been there often, very familiar with the local brewing culture

    My other favorite in Germany is Freiburg. Nice old city, has a mid-sized university so there is a lot going on in terms of culture etc. And within 1/2 hour you can be in the Alsace or in Sitzerland, 4h to Italy. Oh, and Berlin has gone through major changes in the past 2 decades and is definitely a great place now.

    Other than that, I spend the most care free and funnest summer of my life in Madrid, so that is on my list as is Barcelona which is closer to home and where I have been at least a dozen times. If it were closer to an ocean, Sevilla would also make the list.

    I think Honolulu is not a bad place, would be even nicer if I had the money to afford living here, it does get pricy. While I was only there for a few days each, I liked both Sydney and Brisbane. Generally, if the places get too big, I love visiting for a few days but could not imagine living there, like in NYC or Bangkok. I also thought Taipei was interesting, didn't really have a concept of the city before I went there for a conference, and was impressed by the mix of tradition and modern cultures. Mumbai has impressed me deeply, but in a very ambivalent way, I find the huge gap between extreme poverty and a modern capitalist city hard to tolerate.


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    London, UK - Easy to get around, as long as you didn't drive. Tons of stuff to see and do.
    New York, NY - Ditto
    Seattle, WA - A large city that didn't seem that big.

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    Barcelona - lived there 2.5 years; best soccer/football team on earth. Also, nearby Grenada, Cadiz and Lisbon for their special ambience.

    Singapore - never lived there, but visited many times from Malaysia. So organised and good standard of living for its citizens.

    Colombo, Sri Lanka - lived there 2 years. Actually, it's a mess, but not as crazy as Indian cities and on the many holidays when there's little traffic you can walk on quiet roads with huge trees giving shade, watch cricket or order a gin&tonic, and imagine the place in the languid old days.

    Ubud, Bali - my wife used to work around there and I've visited many times. Not a city but a town that swells with tourists and traffic, but still it's at the centre of a beautiful place, which is one of the greenest places you'll ever see, and which has a special atmosphere. Those volcanoes and terraced rice paddies! Love to rent a motorbike and ride around the island from there.

    Kyoto - the mountains and the temples, and now of course the stones

    Hong Kong - the highrises, mountains and misty air

    Sfax, Tunisia - lived up around Tunis and visited Sfax in the south. Quiet place, but with an intact medina which isn't at all touristy

    San Fran - visited briefly once and was easily able to imagine high speed car chases up and down those roads

    Marseille - because port cities are just cool

    Toronto - my university town; lots going on and you can walk/cycle anywhere you need to go, a rarity in North America

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    Anywhere new
    Austin (because I know exactly what I like there, so it's always a blast and a half)
    Fort Worth (because it impresses me more every month)

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    Singapore interesting city large population of diff. ethnic groups living together in a relatively small area.Clean & organized shows laws work.

    Spain never been I know they have produced some great cyclist,motorcycles too,and of coarse soccer.

    San. Fran. eat & eat some more wt. good wines.

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    The ones I don't have to get near

    Ok Fairbanks was not to bad, 15 minutes and your out of town

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    1. Cologne (Koln)
    2. Boston
    3. St. Louis
    4. Austin
    5. Moab

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