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Thread: Grinding wheels

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    That's awesome. That could be mounted the way it is, and just use the 4" flat on it, you wouldn't have any hollowing to deal with.

    I bet I could get one of these up and running for $2k.

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    So....anyone got any idea why nobody else is doing this? It seems like an awesome solution.

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    i've tried some of those stones and they arent at all the same as the stones like what i'm using... i thought it would be a cheaper easier way to do things, but it just didnt work as well at all... some clogged on stainless quickly, others didnt work as well with constant water, others were super hard, and others were super soft. Maybe there are some out there that will be awesome, but i had the opportunity to test a few about a year ago and the ones i tested just didnt work the same.

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    An important consideration for using stone wheels is how you will dress them and keep then running true. It's easy to clean a stone's surface but not so easy to get it true once it goes out of whack and they always go out of whack.

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    I have this place located on the other side of town, they always have boxes of grinding wheels coming in. I too have thought about trying my hand at setting up some arbors but it always seems like more trouble than it's worth.

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    Those are snag wheels from Norton. They grind pretty coarse but maybe that's what you want. They are used dry. Wheel RPM is critical on the high end but sounds like you'll be running slowso not an issue. It would be worth talking to a Norton Rep. When I lived in Michigan I just drove up to where my Rep was and tried out whatever I was interested in. Where you live you ought to be able to do the same.


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    Put one in an old-school foot crank arbor in view of the dining room.
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