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Thread: ITK Kiritsuke | A few words and pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayhay View Post
    Mark Vetri has a fool proof recipe for the sheeted variety, I found it online here...
    Thanks for the response Jay (I missed it until now).

    Bookmarked the link...I'll have to give homemade pasta a shot some weekend.

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    Np Johnny. Hope you enjoy the pasta making. It's good fun and quite easy. And I too removed the kurouchi with 600 grit wet/dry. Works perfectly.

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    I just got one of these today and emailed Mark for an exchange. This one has a 1/16" over grind half way up the blade and an 1/8" at the heel. That's a lot of material to remove and reshape. I've purchased a lot of knives and gear from Mark, but never received one like this. We'll see what kind of man he is - his decision will make, or break this relationship.

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    I did hear back and was told to return it for a refund. I'd rather get another one that isn't so wonky. I don't mind putting work into a new knife, but . . .

    These have potential to be nice cutting machines and for $80 it's almost a no brainer. I've been very happy with all of the Shirogami knives I have so far.

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    Yeah, I'm lazy when it comes to shipping. USPS is painful here in philly, so I decided to fix it myself. Good learning experience for me. Glad your issue is getting resolved. $80 knives are $80 for a reason

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    I've bought two 210 gyutos, (one is mine now) a 150 petty (sweet knife) and a 240 gyuto and all have been great knive ootb. My 300 yanagi and 180 deba are exquisite knives. So I guess for my needs I get good knives for a decent price. After a rehandle and a trip to the stones they are now excellent knives. The only knives I have that are better are my Tanaka's and Yamawaku - none of which cost more than $170 delivered via EMS.

    I'll sleep on it and who knows - I might just grind it flat and re stone it. I hit a deer on the way home then get home to this so I wasn't too happy at the time.

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    Nice work with the knife jay, now it just need a new handle and it will look awesome

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