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Thread: Watanabe/Martell Nessmuk

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    If I owned a knife like that, I'd drive a ways out of town to find some brush to hack through.

    Nicely done.

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    Oh man I forgot to measure the knife's length, damn. Maybe I can get this info from the customer.

    BTW, thanks for all the kind words folks, it's reassuring.

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    Great Job Dave!

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    As usual I'm late, but superb job Dave
    Dunno about driving in the bush, but I'll find something to cut with it.

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    That guy yours Gator? If so it's spectacular! Great job Dave!

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    Gator's got all the cool toys.

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    You would be hard pressed to find any dislikes on that one. Great work!

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    Gator - What's the length on that blade? What made you think to use Watanabe for a Nessmuk? I am impressed.

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    yeah, the creature is mine. Wanted a nesmuk, and for some reason decided on medium size, and had to be aogami2, because I wanted medium/light use knife(in aogami2). Watanabe became obvious choice at that point. Just had to convince him to do it for me. Then Dave for the handle. I'll post specs when I get home, don't remember them now.

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    Here's what Iv'e sent to Watanabe, includes specs:

    And this is what came back and went to Dave

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