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Thread: Dinner at The Barley Swine in Austin Tonight....

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    Dinner at The Barley Swine in Austin Tonight....

    Anyone ever been?

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    Yes. Numerous times. I love the food there. Everything is well thought out. About 3 out of every 5 dishes there is a flavor combination, texture, or utilization that I wish I had thought of before. I love how the kitchen works. The beer list is typically good and the wine list is typically mediocre, though both are small.

    Have a solid reservation if possible or get there very early. On a weekend the line typically starts at least an hour before they open. This may sound ridiculous but its an awesome, popular restaurant with about 30 seats. Some are bothered by the fact that some of the tables are shared. If that really matters to you offer to wait a little while for a seat at the bar. You will be able to see the grill, saute, fry, and part of pastry stations up close. As a cook the bar is my favorite place to sit.

    I have been three times and look forward to every time I get to eat there. Have fun and enjoy!!

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