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Thread: Cutting chocolage

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    Cutting chocolage

    So, my girlfriend has a business where she makes chocolate and confections. She has been using a Mercer 8" Chef's knife for this mostly, but she wanted something else that is not going to dull up her knife. She also wanted a Japanese Chef's knife since she has played with my Tojiro and really likes it. I might give that to her.

    Anyway, we were talking to a chef who taught us a knife skills class and he was suggesting that we use a bread knife for this purpose. I've also read that a Deba would be good for this as well. If she will get a Chef's knife already, I think a nice bread knife like the Tojiro 270mm ITK Bread Knife would be a good option. What do you guys think?

    Also, can I get this bread sharpened anywhere here in NYC?

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    The Tojiro bread knife is way too flexy for chocolate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    The Tojiro bread knife is way too flexy for chocolate!
    So maybe a Deba would work better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJTrance View Post
    So maybe a Deba would work better?
    Deba is for fish. I would just use a thick chef knife for chocolate.

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    Forget the bread knife for chopping chocolate. Bread knives have a serrated edge that works like a saw, and is pretty useless for chopping.

    A deba is a fish filleting knife, not a chopping knife, though it may look like one from the side.

    What you are looking for is a heavy knife with some thickness behind the cutting edge. There is a knife style called a yo-deba or Western deba (maybe this is what you read about?) that is suited for what you want to do. The spine is thick (usually 4 mm or so) and it is ground to leave a lot of metal behind the cutting edge for support. It is well suited for chopping nuts and other hard foods like chocolate.

    Yo-deba on left, gyuto on right.

    Korin has several in their catalog:


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    I like to use a Henckels cleaver.


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    The Tojiro DP "Western Deba" would also fit the bill...

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    Yes, I'm seeing this. I think this might be a good route. Heck, I still think I'll get a cheap Forschner bread knife to have around, though.

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    You could stop into any of the Chinese run restaurant supplies in downtown and select a number of cleavers for 10-12 bucks.
    Not sexy- but may be just the ticket.

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    I just ordered the Tojiro Western Deba in 240mm length. Thanks a bunch, guys. I hope the GF likes it.

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