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Thread: Exceptional service

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    Exceptional service

    Just wanted to share my experience regarding my recent knife purchase with sharp and shiny shop. Lefty was awesome to deal with. He answered any questions I had super quick and was patient as paypal mucked up the payment process(on my end). My knife arrived in the US safely and quickly, four or five days I believe. The knife was packaged very nicely and even gift wrapped with a personalized hand written note. I even got a sample of the Brooklyn to london shave soap which smells awesome! The knife I picked up was used but in as good as new condition, clearly the knife was well cared for and came with a very sharp edge . As I use my new knife a bit more I'll try my hand at a review in the kitchen knife section. Thanks again Lefty for helping me pick a knife up that I had drooled over many times.
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    Nice of you to post about good service. Too many times in life people only complain.

    A very good community here.

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    I'd expect nothing less from Lefty. I may have to check it out even though I'm trying to keep my expenditures in check.

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    Thanks a lot, guys! I'm trying my best to make this a smooth, easy operation for everyone. I love getting a great product out to people who are going to really appreciate it, just like alll of you!

    "Tam", I'm really glad the knife was so well received and that you're digging the scent of the soap!

    Tinh, that means a lot! Stay tuned, for some more great product! Butch has a fair bit coming my way soon, but even I can't tell you guys what it is. And my good friend Pierre is likely grinding away, as we speak!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    I'd like to add a big +1 to this thread. I was worried my soap got lost in the mail as it took 2 weeks to get to me. When I shot Lefty a PM he immediately offered to send a new one out if it hadn't shown up by the next time the Post Office opened up. Not to mention my pesky emails about different DE blades and soaps and things. Tom's been nothing but helpful and I'll be happy to support his shop for as long as it's running.

    Thanks again!

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