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Thread: FS: Shigefusa Yangiba

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    FS: Shigefusa Yangiba

    Selling my 270mm (295mm actual cutting edge) Shigefisa Yanagi.
    Kasumi with custom Ironwood handle and Nikel -Silver spacer from Marko.
    The knife has seen limited use, there is some patina in the hollow that I did not bother cleaning up but can be removed easily.
    Pics show the condition of the blade, as well the handle, but if you need more pics please let me know.

    PRICE= $630 shipped in US, buyer pays paypal fees.

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    Was there a memo I missed? Why is everyone suddenly selling their shiges? and for such reasonable prices. Starting to wish I didnt piece my collection together slowly, I could have picked everything up here in the last week for less. Great looking knife and handle by the way, goodluck on the sale!

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    Are you goin after Kato san's yanagi too, Stefan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Are you goin after Kato san's yanagi too, Stefan?
    probably not it will be out of my price range, just need the funds and I have a honyaki yanagi that will be using.

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    SOLD, thanks

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    Congrats on the sale to both buyer and seller....great knife. Love the handle!

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