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Thread: Cut Brooklin on NPR

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    Well, I'm not looking to bicker, we could argue it all the way down to dead stars littering our solar system with elements, but that would take a while to get to. I guess my point being, heat treating is an art to me more than science. The science of it is simple, the art of it is complex. As a knife-maker, a young knife-maker, that bit of it is important to me and what I am creating.
    Not to say I wouldn't be giddy as **** if Kramer wanted to heat treat one of my knives. There is value to his method and to his art. If a steel mill wants to heat treat my knives, I'd be flattered, but have to decline.

    But again, that's just like, my opinion man. I'll respect yours if you can respect mine. There's something wonderful about doing it all yourself, whether it's fixing your car, making your own BBQ sauce from scratch, or brewing your own beer. But then again, there's also joy in lasers and machines, if there wasn't there'd be no joy in the Terminator Franchise.

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    Concerning heat treating............ There are pro's and con's for doing your own heat treating. I do think that the best HT can be done by the maker in his own shop. Any maker doing his own needs to become familiar with the steels and the recommended HT for those steels that they are using. There is a learning curve with HT, just like there's one for grinding, handles etc.

    I have seen many new knife makers with inadequate HT equipment, making up wild HT procedures, and claiming unbelievable results. The truth is that they have an inferior knife/blade.

    Those makers who send out there blades can be confident that they are getting professional results. It takes thousands of dollars to get set up to do your own HT, just ask Marko.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrin View Post
    What's wrong with sending out for heat treating?

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    I was thinking the same Devin all knifemakers are not equipped to do HT.Is it not like other forms of manufacture where one shop specializes in part of the production.I was surprized when I inquired about the HT on the Artiflex AEB-L Gyuto that even a Co. like Lamson & Goodlow send the blanks out to Peter's Heat Treatment.I don't care if they are Machine ground,you can always put on your own polished convex edge.But to me anyway the heat treatment is very important.

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