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Thread: Weird hollandaise

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainsausage View Post
    Neither one is 'right'.(unless you're an Escoffier acolyte I suppose...)
    That's just it: I learned it this way, handed down from my grandfather to my mom to me; I doubt most people could notice the differences -- subtle or not -- while eating a regular brunch meal in a restaurant or at home.
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    Used a blender or robot most of pro career, but at my current job we use the whole butter method.
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    can you explain a bit more about how you do it in the robo? Somoene said you heat up the eggs beforehand, how much so?


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    also, robo or vita?

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    you heat the butter not the eggs, that will cook the eggs enough while the robo keeps them moving so not to scramble. With to high of heat on the butter you will still get scramble'd. don't remember the ratios maybe someone can help with that.
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    when ive done blender it was whole hot butter not clarified and standard ratio. so 3 egg yolks would be 9-12oz of butter as I was taught. you put yolks, vin/wine, hot sauce, salt, white pepper in the robot. once it starts slowly add hot butter. you can hear the sound change when its done or close. it goes from a smooth sound to a choppy sound, at that point i check it.

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