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Thread: Live Deba Repair and Sharpening

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    Was fun to see. Shop/back work area looks airy and pleasant.

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    What was wrong with the tip? Broken, or over-sharpened?

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    it was more of a general repair from wrong angles plus some spine repair, and fixing of the shinogi line

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    so, whats the verdict today? Live feed cool and worthwhile or stupid and a waste of time?

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    Already said - it was fun to see. But a bit awkward for you if you need to pause for calls/customers. You could do sharpening tutorials that way, though.

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    More info- is always more betterer.

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    I liked it. Always cool to see skilled workers work. I even liked hearing you talk to customers, but that's because I'm an observational person.

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    I watched about a hr. of what was recorded. nice set up. Did you use x-split for your streaming software? I hope you do some more streaming.
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