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Thread: Breakfast - Old School

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    I love this post chile's , moulie, dog, cactus, cast iron only missing one thing.
    A big knife.

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    Sweet! May try that one myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNewMexican View Post
    Cactus petal has the consistency of cucumber with a taste all its own, a little bit tangy. Combined with the red chile it is a wonderful taste explosion of spicy zest.

    Questions about the Chile have come up a couple of times. I don't really have a recipe, it is more a little of this and a little of that, adjusting proportions based upon experience and how things "look". Below is a Chile Colorado recipe which is along the lines of what I do. Experiment, adjust, make it your own and enjoy.

    The New Mexican

    Chile Colorado (Basic Red Chile Sauce)
    Gracias por la receta!

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