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Thread: Livestream- Knife sharpening at JKI

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    not quite... what we had talked about was mioroshi with deba hatsuke, but this is more like an ai-deba.

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    Damn you flash!
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    Loving the stone action. I am just wondering how you keep it flat. Do you use a DMT, like with a stationary stone?
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    Permanent google hang out would have been easier, wouldn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    Since i'm not making blades here (yet)
    Gosh... pretty soon he'll have Broida Hamono going, with his own Gesshin Broida line commissioned.

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    Morning now, over here in Seoul. I wake up, check emails, and find the sharpening livestream is on! Very soothing. Time to make coffee.

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