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Thread: Gengetsu Passaround

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    that sux Mr. Sharp.
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    Yup! customs problem here and huge import tax. Would have had it for a week during my holidays, too! Thanks again to Namaxy for trying.

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    What ever happened to this?
    Did Cutty break it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    What ever happened to this? Did Cutty break it?
    Well, you know me. I certainly didn't have it re-handled!

    I never got to see the knife, and just know that it was returned to Namaxy in Sept/early-Oct. I'd assumed the passaround would proceed from there.

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    So...without going into details, it has been an ordeal to pry the knife from local customs, but I finally have it back. I will restart the Passaround, however, as luck would have it, just as I got my knife back I also received the Heiji PA started by Piton. It makes for a perfect comparison, so I'll take a few measurements first.

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    Neal, may I jump-in for this Passaround? I always want to try Gengetsu!!
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    Any update on this one?

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    anyone have a semi-stainless version to passaround? would love to give that a try along with yoshikane sld/skd as they seem to be similar?

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