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Thread: Vacation!

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    Cool Vacation!

    After 4 years of no longer vacations than 5-6 days time has finally come for this man to do something very stange... 4 WEEKS OF SUN, ALCOHOL AND +30c!

    This thread has zero discussion value, but i have to wait 4 hours at Arlanda airport so if anyone that lives in Stockholm would like to crack an overpriced beer at the airport with me and chat about steel, wood, food or something else it would be super neat!

    My plane from Skellefteå arrives at Arlanda airport 20:30 and departs to Istanbul 00:30.

    (Funny how the number 4 keeps appearing)

    And if no one shows up, have a great 4 weeks KKF!

    Pm: for phonenumber!
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    No where near you, but jealous as can be. Hope you have a great vacation!
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Have a great trip mate, and have a cold one for me too

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    Congrats Twisti, I'm sure you deserve a break. Hope it's a great month away.
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    one day i will be taking a looong vacation too! Enjoy

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    Congrats, 4 weeks off sounds awesome!

    I leave Friday for a few days in Prague then several days in Munich for Oktoberfest. Only a week off work, but really looking forward to it!

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    Dan, have it good and take it easy

    Just drinking vodka martini for your health!

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