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Thread: Eating Out During Our Annual Japan Trip

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    we usually go crazy with chocolate melon bread from convenience stores (and plantan in Sakai), but this year, since a lot of people will be "watching", we'll refrain from eating too much of melon bread....

    Staying up all night with my family during the kamataki (firing of the wood kiln) is hard though... watching the kiln and trying to be awake means eating a lot of junk food....

    i already have some restaurants in my mind.... 4 more nights to go!

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    First thing I wanted last time was a bowl of good ramen. Next, visit to an izakaya. Thoughts of chocolate melon bread would never enter into the equation.

    Another suggestion: live streaming trip-cam

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    I will be watching for all the great dishes you post I really love pics with that "home meal" touch. Not that the elaborate plattings are cool to see and all, it's just all one sees nowdays and I'm drawn to simpler presentations these days

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    yes, I also love "home meal" type of dishes too When traveling over few weeks, eating out can be also exhausting, so easy going, simple meals are always appreciated... Just 2 more nights of sleep, and we'll be departing!

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    Day 1: Arriving in Tokyo

    okay, this sounds really lame, but i was literally too tired to eat Jon of course picked up an obento - it looked really great! We got it from the basement of a nearby mall. In "デパ地下(depa chika)", or the Japanese abbreviation for a basement of department mall, you can find a lot of small obento (or take out meal) shops.... Jon could have spent 3 hours, but I'm proud that I drag him out of there within 30 minutes!

    Here's Jon's obento for dinner/late night snack.

    Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know we are here in Japan

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    Glad you made it safe and sound.

    Keep the updates coming Sara!

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    Looks yummy. I love Japanese food!

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    sara and i forgot to take pictures of our breakfast today, but god damn bread here is good. Cheese bread, ham and cheese bread, ham cheese and onion bread...

    I'll take pictures next time.

    Anyways, one day in tokyo to get situated and then the real work starts

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    Bread huh didn't you say you where going to avoid to much bread this time LOL

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