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Thread: Eating Out During Our Annual Japan Trip

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    here's some more update

    some simmered food - nimono

    ekiben (meal box from a train/station)

    possibly the best strawberry chocolate

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    Oh, I'm surprised to see the green chili - even if it's not such a hot one - in the middle of this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sara@JKI View Post
    ekiben (meal box from a train/station)

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    Feeling really guilty for not updating for a while (I mean, for a very long time)....

    here's some more photos!

    Jon tried a lot of new sake, syocyu, imojyochu etc. this year.

    Salad @ izakaya



    tororoimo okonomiyaki

    avocado fry

    tonkotsu ramen



    lunch in middle of nowhere

    desert inspired by halloween

    two in one ice cream

    sweet potato pastry

    why are we not updating more? well, it's all because of this massive kiln (Gesshin Gama)

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