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Thread: What stone line up are you using these days?

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    for low grits i'm afraid dishing is a necessary evil if you want speed and feedback. dishing i can deal with, it's clogging that drives me mad.

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    I use a mix of stones and diamond plates I am still learning .
    I have Um 24 grit
    Um 60 grit
    Um. 150 grit
    Chosera 600 grit
    Chosera 1000 grit
    ******** bamboo 1000 grit
    Shapton glass 1000grit
    Chosera 3000 grit
    Shapton glass 4000 grit
    *** 5000 grit

    Shapton 8k & 16 k
    Chosera 10k the 8 - 16 k I only use for razors or for blades that I want shaving sharp

    I have a King 800 on order for a kasumi finish my techniques and choice of finishing grits have changed over a year originally I was using very high grits and then stropping on leather and balsa wood now I strop on either 1k or 5k max the fine grits are for straight razors now .
    I look upon my variety of stones as a justifiable cost for learning I have a feeling that the King 800 grit stone is going to see a lot of use on my Takedas and knives with a kasumi finish I have an Honyaki Nakira that I will refine on the higher grits .
    I have a selection of different makes simple because I am still assessing them I found the Bamboo stone wore extremely quickly although it makes a good slurry which is why I then went to Shapton Glass for longevity then I had to try Choseras since they seem to be a favorite all the stones I have work well but the King I have ordered is a super size 800 and will restore the kasumi finish I have lost on some knives .
    I have not really made up my mind which are the best stones that I have no doubt there will be others that I shall try as I wear out my stones the Geshin sounds interesting although I think the King stones could be the answer.
    I have sharpened quite a lot of knives on my stones but my techniques are still evolving so until I decide that the technique has evolved enough to maintain it I cannot really decide which stones are most suited .
    I normally try to use the stones at least twice a week the first month I started I would use them every day I think now I have more or less found my technique and geometry for most knives so now it is more of a question of honing the technique then I will have a better idea of which stone perform best .
    I have picked up techniques through You Tube since I do not know anyone here in Mallorca that uses stones or if they do are prepared to exchange techniques so I sort of justify the cost of the stones against learning since I know of people that have attended courses where as mine is based on You Tube having favored Jon of Japanese Knife Imports , Korin and Murray Carter ; although much of it seems to me about training the body and eye which comes through practice.
    I am quite happy with my results I know I have a way to go but I manage to get good edges but I know there is further to go and I judge my sharpening on my poorest results rather than my best.

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