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Thread: What stone line up are you using these days?

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    I'm always experimenting but at the moment I find I (and my wife) like splash n go stones. I use a 1k SS (soon to be replaced by Gesshin 1k splash n go) followed by Gesshin 5k splash n go (which is awesome but seems a little slow on pm steels), 0.5 Chromium Oxide on flesh-side leather strop and finished on unloaded, smooth bovine. When I want to get fancy, I go to 12k SS, 20k Gesshin (against Jon's recommendation, I might add. he says it's too hard and too fine. whatever. =P) and either 0.25 diamond or 0.125 CBN on Dave's strop and again, finishing on unloaded, smooth bovine.

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    Shapton glass stones that I have now for 2 years.

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    It varies. Sometimes, it's the "classic": Bester 1200, Rika 5k, 10k SS, Kitayama 8k
    Current favorite: Gessshin 1k, 5k, 10k SS. And then either a Takashima Awasedo (jnat), or the 20k Gesshin. The JKI lineup, I guess?
    Both lineups finished off with .25 dupont diamond spray on Dave's leather hone. Oh, and felt pads and blocks used in the regular spots between stones.

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    The line-up depends on which knife i am to sharpen. My most frequently used rocks, however, are:
    #500 Shapton professional - Ground work all steels
    #1000 Shapton professional - Ground work softer steels and SS
    #1500 White aluminum oxide (WA) - Ground work Honyaki and other hard steels HRC 62+
    #5000 White aluminum oxide (WA) - Finishing work SS, pre finisher kanna and chisels
    JNAT Aizu - Medium sharpener SS and Honyaki
    JNAT Aoto - Medium+ sharpener all steels, finishing on SS kitchen knives
    JNAT Oohira Asagi - Prepolisher all steels, finisher for most kitchen knives
    JNAT Nakayama Aka-pin - Prepolisher/ finisher hard steels
    JNAT Nakayama Karasu - Finisher all steels
    JNAT Takashima Myokakudani - Prepolisher/ finisher all steels, especially Honyaki and harder kasumi style
    JNAT Hakka - Finisher Honyaki
    JNAT Oohira Shiro Suita - Ultra sharpener (secondary micro bevel and honing) for my hardest steel yanagibas, Honyaki, White#1, Blue#1

    In addition i experiment with other stones on different steels in my growing selection of rocks.
    See more at http://***********************

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    quite daunting seeing all this. i'm still rocking my king 1k/6k combo that i got for like $20 on a woodworker sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybett View Post
    I am the proud owner of the Dave Martell Junior Knife Sharpening kit. It came complete with DMT XXC, Beston 500, Bester 1200, Suehiro Rika 5000, Arashimaya 6000, and a Naniwa SS 10000. Also included in this fabulous package, was a felt block, felt pad, and leather strop, with base. The only thing missing is a shirt telling me, how smart I am!
    I got the newbie D_Man kit: DMT XXC, Beston 500, Bester 1200, Suehiro Rika 5000, felt pad and magic baby blue spray and..wait for it.. the tojiro pro sink stone holder. No t-shirt but I got the DVD.

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    dmt xxc (flattening)
    peacock 120 (tip repairs)
    masahiro 600 (JCK mini stone)
    bester 1200
    synthetic aoto
    arashiyama 6000
    wine cork

    would like to get a proper strop one day.

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    I may be the first one to get banned from here for saying this, but I really don't like sharpening. Some of my knives look pretty but the edges are in pitiful shape. But since I am pretty much done with spending my time looking at knives I need to have - did I mention that I am done buying knives? - I have high intentions to dedicate more time to this. Still a bit grudgingly, buy maybe the appetite comes with eating. As for my stones, I will have whatever Dave sends me in the next box - I keep forgetting, but I trust him - plus a few Shapton glass stones, a Kitayama that has still not been used at least 3 years after buying it, and a set of strops. Well, those I do use to some extent. The easiest at this point would be to just fly Dave and his stones in and go through my blocks for a few days. Gotta buy a lottery ticket this week...


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    staples: Chosera 600---Bester 1200---Naniwa SS 5000

    deburr/strop: felt/1 mic diamond---leather/0.5 mic chromium

    shits and giggles: Naniwa SS 10,000

    A-cups(flatteners): DMT XXC & XC

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    For me it really varies for each knife based on steel, use, and the time that I've got to spend doing it. Lately for all my carbon knives I've been using the Bester 1.2k, natural aoto, and an un-identified Jnat that comes in somewhere around the 8-10k range and leaves a pretty nice misty finish. It does have however a few rogue particles in it so it's not perfect. For the stainless as of late i've been using the beston 500, bester 1.2k, rika, and the chosera 5k and for most applications just stop there, but do if the bug bites me, take it through with the kitiyama and JKS10k. and strop on either balsa or leather with either 1/3 micron CrOx, or 1/8 micron CBN.

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