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Thread: Steeling alternative

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    Good thread alot of acurate info.Main thing is not to allow your blade in a shift to get too dull.Splash & Go is good just a lite touchup if your blade is trained.Also you can control angle on a steel,put the rod tip on a towel on the table.Angle should be about the same or just a hair more than your final angle on the stone,pay attention to the spine,lite measured strokes,just the weight of the blade.I used a polishing steel(smooth)on my carbon Masa's for yrs.kept it going during an 8 hr. shift.Incorrect steel tech. in kitchens is common.

    I have never seen a strop in a production Kit.Totally smooth steels or ceramics work if used correctly.Only use a daimond plate if knife is dull & you want to reprofile,you have to be careful wt. the plates don't over do it or you can prematurely wear down your blade.

    Don't get me wrong I use my Atoma 600 as first step thinning esp. on others knives,it works much better than low grit stones,my own knives I rarely touch to a plate,no need.Again correct tech. is more important than the materials being used.If you sharpen at work,one or two stones is all you need(gesshen has some good splash & go)& a smooth Rod.

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    Oh bollocks, something ma`kes noise in the washing machine

    At the end there you can see how the XC and C DMT leaves quite different scratch patterns, yes, used wet.

    this is totally uncut as im after vodka martini and week of constant pushing so last thing to do is editing video, so you can hear my wife there and such,

    Will try to record rest tomorrow?

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