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Thread: Japan Trip 2012

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    He does three at once without a clamp?? What a beast!

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    Our somewhat "formal" attire in Japan. Weather didn't really cooperate.... it was mushiatsui

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    It must have really been mushiatsui. Jon is drinking Pocari Sweat!
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    Are those part of a new line you'll be carrying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heirkb View Post
    Are those part of a new line you'll be carrying?
    i'm sure you know well by this point that we are always working on new things... some work out well and other do not, so we just have to test and see. Thats my favorite part of the job anyways

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    there are a ton of new photos and videos on our facebook, twitter, and youtube pages... click the links in my signature line to check them all out. More to come later...

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    Wow, that was somewhat convincing as an endorsement of Sakai. But 'beautiful'? Well, the sunset was, and there's lots of history behind the place too, but beautiful might be a bit strong. I liked it because it was kind of non-descript, but the origin of so many fine blades, which gave a treasure-hunt kind of feel to it. Be honest, Jon, you're not so in love with the Sakai view. It's more like that warm sunny glow is reflecting the anticipation and blade-love within.

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