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Thread: Price increase !

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    Price increase !

    Just a note,
    Next year there will be price increase on all Ohira Range Suitas about 15 %
    And On Nakayama Kiita about 100 % or more

    All that i have in Stock now will stay at same price. But new stones will get that price increase

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    Luckily I bought myself an ohira suita for
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    Wow the Nakayama Kita is already over 700$. I don't see getting any in my future.
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    Yep that is very unfortunate , i think i will not cary them at all at that prices
    Maybe only some Koppas here and there.
    But in Japan retailers they are already 500 000 yen and up.
    I was lucky to get those i have now at old prices

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