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Thread: Last call for orders before our Japan trip

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    Last call for orders before our Japan trip

    Last call for orders before we leave for our annual japan trip (which you can read more about here: )

    The last orders we will ship out before we leave must be placed before 3pm PDT (thats west coast time for you east coasters) on Tuesday September 18th, 2013. If you want to get something before we leave, now is the time.

    After 3pm, all orders placed (and orders placed for the duration of our Japan trip) will be shipped out when we return (actually, they will ship the monday after we return, as the first day back to work for us will be a sunday).

    Many of you have already gotten your orders, but i just wanted to give you all one last heads up.


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    got mine in.
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    Did the Gesshin Ginga order come in yet for the 300mm White #2 Suji?

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    No biggie, the Game Dinner I help out with don't start until December/Jan anyway!! Give me more time to practice Wa handles

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    yeah... but its still not fun being out of stock of stuff and having people wait... We're working on it.

    Anyways, BUMP again... just a few more hours left to place orders.

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    Snagged a 6000 grit splash and go for work. I hope this works as well as I think it will. It looked like it maintained the contrast between hagane and jigane which is what I need.
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    it does a decent job at that, but just make sure not to press too hard. When i get back from japan, i may have something for you to add to that 6k at work for an awesome 2 stone setup... its in the process of being made now For a synthetic 2 stone combo, it does a damn good job overall and leaves nice contrast.

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