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Thread: Just got my 23x28x2" maple board!!!!! I love it! (pics)

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    Just got my 23x28x2" maple board!!!!! I love it! (pics)

    Thanks for the great work. The board exceeded my expectations!
    Photos of it in it's permanent home:

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    Very nice. Fits the Kitchen very well.
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    Fits perfectly, nice job David. Congrats on the new addition.

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    Sweet looking board.

    It's so cool to be able to order the highest quality board in the perfect size for your space.


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    really beautiful...

    you have such a nice kitchen too! so jealous

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    Thanks guys, for the compliments! We're still breaking in the kitchen and only had one dinner party since moving in this past June. We loooove to cook and can't wait to get ripping on this board! We've been making due with little rectangle plastic boards from Ikea. My 10" knife barely fits on those things. I'm happy to have room to work cleanly and safely. The Mrs. has already threatened that we need another one or two for the other counters! I guess my fishing budget will have to take the hit....

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    Sure is a beauty. Just watch out for the heat from your range top. Cutting boards are typically placed next to the sink to they're easy to clean. But I guess you have another vision in mind. In any event, enjoy.
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    I purposely left 2-3" of room next to the range. I expect it to be enough, I hope.... I do a ton of cutting and dropping into the pan which is why I placed the board there. The other counters are as deep, so maybe I'll move it if I find it inconvenient, or maybe get another board near the sink next.

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    I am digging it, well played!
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    Nice Board!
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