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Thread: SCARY Kickback!

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    SCARY Kickback!

    Yesterday while ripping some 4/4 walnut stock, I experienced the scariest kickback I have ever had on a table saw. The wood kicked back and took the blade guard with it. Yes the blade guard came completely loose and ended up on the floor with the walnut stock. After I calmed down, I examined the guard. There were tooth marks on one side of the splitter, on the inside of the side supports and even one of the pawls had been hit. The blade fared even worse. Of the 20 carbide teeth, 2 were missing completely and 9 more were damaged. SO much for a $100 blade.

    As for me, I have a small cut on my right palm just between the index and the next finger. Lucky I guess!

    I called the manufacturer afterwards and the rep at Grizzly didn't seem to concerned. So this morning I made a closer inspection of the saw and found the splitter is bent and the dust chute under the blade was cracked. I called Grizzly and asked for replacement parts which they agreed to. When I asked for a replacement blade due to their faulty attachment of the guard I was told the request would have to go to someone higher up for approval.

    I also contacted the CPSC about the attachment process of the guard. All that holds it is a friction lever that is obviously inadequate for the job. It should have held! We will see where this goes.

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    Glad to hear you escaped with only minor injuries!
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    Scary glad you are O.K. And not injured worse than you were. Hope the palm cut heals quickly.

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    Yikes! Good to hear you got out of it relatively unscathed. Bad to hear about your customer service experience...

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    Woh whats going on here, I just got through reading about Randy HHH's injuries and Bill B's impending wild fire, and now this. David that's flat out scary stuff. I bet you'll be weary of that machine for some time to come. Glad that you didn't get speared or anything like that though.

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    glad u didnt get shot by one of those teeth. i also work with big table saw's but for aluminium and a co worker was cutting a solid 80mm block of aluminium about 3 weeks ago, and i was standing about 10 meters away milling and a tooth from the blade came of and passed my head with an inch and right thruw the wall next to me. so i was glad the wall took the hit that time and not me :P. thay come off the blade like bullets witch is pretty scary.

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    Kick backs are one of the most adrenaline producing things I can imagine! It is especially scary when all of the safety gear is in place. Congratulations on not getting badly hurt!
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    I guess I shouldn't walk into a shop for a while. I have a problem with murphys law happening when I am around.
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    happy you are alright.
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