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Thread: Recommendations for the Twin Cities?

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    Recommendations for the Twin Cities?

    My lovely lady and I are headed up for a family gathering. It's been a while since I've been to Minneapolis. Any recommendations for restaurants or anything else that shouldn't be missed???

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    Everything is relative to what you enjoy. I always rent a boat at Paul's landing on Lake Minnetonka and go Nortthern Pike fishing. Ok not always. I have fished through and ice hole in the winter there too. Enjoy your trip.

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    The Vikings are building a team. Have faith.

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    Easy with the vikings!... he, he, he!

    Ill try to help! There are some fantastic places to eat in the twin cities:

    Superb pairing in a cozy setting:
    Tilia (I love this place) This place haunts my culinary dreams! Its my favorite!
    Alma (superb food!)

    Very good burguers:
    Bruguer Jones (Try their blue burguer? I dont remember the name).
    Blue door pub (Their juicy bluicys are to die for!)

    Comfort food:
    Brasa (Very good, organic, pleasing!)
    Kramarczuks (Eastern european delight!)

    Sushi and japanese
    Masu (Very good ramen
    Zen Box Izakaya (Bar and japanese tapas!)

    South East Asian

    Broders Cuccina
    Cossettas (Good pizza and ingredients!)

    Rosa Mexicano (try their mole enchiladas)
    Masa (Mexican Fusion)
    El Burrito mercado (St Paul.)
    Lake Street

    Last but not least.. there is a very good restaurant in St. Paul that is actually an Oyster bar.. its called Maritage and its owned by a couple that happen to be chefs... well anyway.. they are having an oyster festival on the 30th. of Sept. and if you happen to be in town I highly suggest you try to get in.. here is the site... I cant say enough good things about this place. Its consistently rated among the top ten.

    I could go on and on.... This is a start

    Very good reference, take a look:

    Take a look at the insider eats!

    Go to

    Highly suggest you go to the MIA (Minneapolis institute of arts) their art galleries are one some of the best in the country and the Walker (Moder art).

    The lakes are always a huge attraction, wether it be Calhoun, lake Minnetonka or any other of the many lakes that the cities have.. You can take a day trip to Duluth.

    Good source!

    Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions!!

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    Forgot to mention that another Day trip that is worth while is Stillwater...

    There are a lot of nice antique shops, eateries and even its own winery. Its on the border with Wisconsin with spectacular views of the River St. Croix. Try Leos, a cool burger and malt shop with half a century of tradition!

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    Are you from Minneapolis Customfan?? Dang, you put together a good list.

    I would add. My number one place to eat right now is The Bachelor Farmer. Bon Appetit just listed it in their top 10 new restaurants in the country, and it is really, really good. You can also hit the Marvel Bar, which is a sort of speakeasy underneath the restaurant. The head bar tender studied under one of the great Japanese master mixologists. Try the Oliveto drink.

    One that wasn't mentioned was Piccolo. I just went there a couple of weeks ago, and it is one of my favorites. If you are into small bites with a lot of flavor, take a look at their menu.

    You can't go wrong with 112 Eatery and Bar LaGrassa. 112 is right across the street from Safron, and Haute Dish is also good and in the same area.

    For wine bars, Toast, does a really good job and they have some excellent flat breads.

    I agree with Customfan that Meritage, Alma, and Tilia are all worth it. Vincent and Heidi's are in that same category too IMO. Alma was one of my most impressive meals in the last year.

    A new one that I have been wanting to try is Travail. If you go there, let me know how it is There is also the Butcher and Boar right on Hennepin. It is about 6 months old and very good (and open late). They have interesting sausages.

    For seafood, Sea Change, is supposed to be good. I used to eat there and wasn't impressed, but I think they have had a new chef for the last couple of years and it has been getting good press.

    Lastly, if you are traveling through MSP airport, concourse G has a lot better fare than it used to. The same company that put in the finer dining options at JFK and a few other airports just redid a concourse at the airport.


    P.S. If I were to choose two, I would go with Bachelor Farmer and Alma. That is just my opinion.
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    I concur with the above and only add one addition - My favorite Chinese Restaurant ever:
    If you are a fan of chinese food, there is a restaurant off of the U of M campus in a spot called Dinkytown that has the best sesame chicken I have ever had in my life. They are also well known for their seafood dishes and I really love the Szechuan Lobster. I have been known to go out of my way by two hours on my way to our cabin in northern wisconsin to hit it.

    If you are looking upscale - there is the 112 cafe which is run by James Beard award winner Isaac Becker. I have only been there once but it was quite good.

    I haven't lived there for over 16 years, so I only get an occasional trip to the cities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepCSweede View Post
    The 112 cafe which is run by James Beard award winner Isaac Becker. I have only been there once but it was quite good.
    The the tagliatelle with foie gras meatballs....mmmmmmmhhhhh. One of my favorite dishes in MSP.

    "There's only one thing I hate more than lying…skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk." -- Ron Swanson

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    Downtown Stillwater is a nice place to go for the day- lotsa history and antiquing but some catering to yuppies and Packer Cheesheads.

    Get some comfort food- I'd suggest a sandwich and some beer cheese soup upstairs here:

    And back to MPLS-

    Catch an offbeat movie next door and then eat at great old neighborhood Mexi restaurant:

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    Mr dinky... You hit all the ones that I missed! Very good eats you chose.. My favorites as well..

    Have you tried the pizza at black sheep? And sandwiches at bewitched? Very close to Bar la Grassa.... Some fantastic eateries developing in that area..

    We should start a msp eats blog!

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